Huong Young

6 Year Experience in Fashion Design

We need a Fashion Revolution!

How can we fix this fast fashion problem?

Firstly, it starts with you, the consumer and staying away from impulse purchases from fast fashion retailers. Think about who made your clothes as well as the environmental impact it has made. Consumers can help by changing where they shop and what they buy.

​Support the idea of upcycling. Don't shy away from experimenting something new and be different. If you want to change the world, you need to start with yourself.


Our Staff

DHY Design is a locally owned fashion design and alterations business that focuses on sustainable processes.

- We restyle your old favorites and refurbish your unwanted or unfitted clothes into new fashion garments for yourself  or for your kids.
- We create your own style and ideas out of gentle used fabric. Each garment, through its previous life, has a story and  one of the personal joys of each piece is preserving its memory.  ​
- We offer one-of-a- kind handmade kids clothes in different sizes made out of gentle used clothes.  By buying these re-worked garments and accessories, you are supporting young independent designer. You are also supporting the environment by reusing materials and keeping them from adding to landfill.
- We do clothing alteration for a perfect fit.

​We find our material at local thrift stores or local people donate them to us and all garments are machine washed and dried before deconstruction. We go through a thought process, then draft a pattern, do the cutting out and sewing.


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